Data Entry Outsourcing Services in Bangalore

Choose Outsource Data Entry Services for Your Streamlined Business Functions

As a leading data entry services company, Mandli uses data entry outsourcing services to help businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively manage data across departments, whether it’s an ever-growing bundle of physical documents or an overwhelming amount of business records. We will support you to do so.

Mandli follows industry best practices to deliver error-free and accurate data on time. To improve data security, customer data is accessed via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Virtual Private Network (VPN) and rigorous random testing is performed to verify the accuracy of the data entered. With a team of experienced data entry experts and flexible delivery and pricing models, we provide businesses with lower costs, faster delivery, and most importantly, accurate, high-quality data.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Online Data Entry Services

Keep your ERP and CRM structures like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, net servers, and other databases up to date with the latest, clean, and correct statistics with Mandli on-line outsourced statistics access offerings as our crew of professional experts and virtual equipment adept to increase modern statistics access offerings for diverse on-line structures.

Offline Data Entry Services

Go paperless in workplace by converting large volumes of handwritten documents, business reports, historical records, invoices, research data, and all other data into any digital format using Mandli’s offline data entry services. Migrate. Hire data entry experts from Mandli and free your team from the burden of data management.

Product/Catalog Data Entry Services

Keep the wheels of your ecommerce enterprise turning with Mandli product records access offerings which may be tailored to satisfy the necessities of enterprise-precise client segments and geographies even as keying in vital information along with descriptions, SKUs, attributes, product titles, prices, tax-associated information, transport information, etc. in a faster, greater green and cost-powerful manner.

Image Data Entry Services

Get the most out of your image documents, files, and libraries, no matter their size, with our image data entry services. By partnering with a leading data outsourcing company, you get a customized database that extracts precise details from a wide range of image formats, including GIF, BMP, PDF, and JPG.

Documents & PDF Data Entry Services

Manage your PDF and report information results easily with Mandli PDF and information access offerings as we harness present day methodologies and skilled experts to streamline the information thru textual content conversion, information access with inside the favored layout with utmost accuracy and reliability.

Online Bills & Forms Data Entry Services

Close the divide among guide bill introduction and virtual bill dealing with Mandli online payments and paperwork statistics access offerings. Outsource bill statistics access to Mandli for progressed operational performance as our offerings are designed to address massive volumes of purchase/shipping orders, vouchers, payments, invoices, evidence of deliveries, in hard, faxed, or scanned formats.

Online Data Capture Services

Accelerate your business processes with our online data capture services. This includes collecting important documents, invoices, statements, and statements and converting them into digital format for databases and other applications. Using the latest technology and manual verification, we guarantee the highest level of data accuracy and quality.

Questionnaire/Survey Data Entry

Get the maximum from your survey tasks with Mandli questionnaires and surveys information access offerings as we assist companies with information series from survey forms, OMR codes, bar codes, etc. with excessive accuracy, analysis, and in-intensity reporting, allowing them to influence their techniques withinside the proper route for utmost ROI.

Empowering various industries with outsourced data entry services

Real Estate Data Entry Services

Real Estate data entry outsourcing services can help you improve your operational efficiency and reduce your overheads by providing you with digitized versions of your historical real estate data entries. This includes data such as property listings, property sales, real estate tax, insurance receipts, and invoices.

  • Improve your lead generation: Digitize your property listings and other marketing materials so that they are more easily accessible to potential buyers and tenants. This can lead to a significant increase in the number of leads you generate.
  • Streamline your sales process: Digitize your sales contracts and other paperwork so that you can close deals more quickly and efficiently. This can free up your sales team to focus on generating new leads and building relationships with clients.
  • Reduce your compliance costs: Digitize your tax records and other compliance-related documents so that you are always prepared for audits and inspections. This can save you time and money in the long run.
  • Improve your customer service: Digitize your customer records and other customer-facing documents so that you can provide better service to your clients. For example, you can use digitized customer data to personalize your marketing campaigns and provide more targeted support.

Ecommerce Data Entry Services

Leverage Mandli, one of the leading data entry ecommerce service providers, to ensure accurate, high-quality product data entry, catalog conversion, and catalog indexing in sync with standard SEO practices for efficient Align with product management and business objectives. Improved conversion rates are available.

Market Research Data Entry Services

Gain insight into your target audience, predict market trends, and strategy for your competitors with comprehensive outsourced data entry services, including market research data compilation, market database reconstruction, and market data processing and analysis. Evaluate.

Financial Services Data Entry Services

Hire data entry experts to keep your secure database up to date and improve operational efficiency. As a leading data entry company for financial outsourcing services

, we extract data from any source, including customer information documents, financial reports, and other important documents, and ensure that the data is accurate, well-managed, and up to date. Guaranteed and compliant with your format. requirements.

Why You Should Choose Mandli Technologies for Data Entry Outsourcing Services

High Accuracy

Data entry operators who have the skills and experience necessary to provide accurate and high-quality work, random data and provides clients with data quality reports that show the accuracy of their data entries. Mandli Technologies also uses the latest technology to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of their data entry services.

Faster Turnaround Time

We use advanced technology and methodologies to increase the speed of data entry while reducing costs for our customers.

24X7 Accessibility

Our 24/7 customer support team will answer all your project and business-related questions in real-time, regardless of your geographic location.

Cost-effective data entry

We help our customers save more than 40% on internal costs. We are always looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to provide consistent added value to our customers.

Scalable operation

Mandli has a readily available, highly skilled, technology-focused talent pool to meet the growing demands of managing and maintaining customer data of any size and complexity.

Industry-specific solutions

Leading data entry service provider with over 27 years of experience in various industries such as e-commerce, real estate, and finance.

Global presence

The company is headquartered in Bangalore, supported by multiple offshore offices in the United States, United Kingdom.


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