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Common Challenges in Customs Clearance and How Freight Forwarders Solve Them


Customs clearance is a mandatory part of global trade, enabling shipments to move across international borders in a smooth flow and compliant way. However, customs clearance can be a challenging process specifically for the new businesses who begin to start their goods trading globally. So, this article will provide you with the insights and challenges faced during custom clearance and highlight how freight forwarders can help various business sectors overcome these challenges.  

The Complexities in Customs Clearance

Custom clearance contains several procedures, regulations, and documentation that vary from country to country. Below are common challenges every business has to face. 

1. Complex regulatory Policies

Different countries have diverse custom regulatory policies that create challenges for businesses to stay compliant with shipment and clearances across multiple destinations. Every country has unique tariff codes, documentation needs, and import/export restrictions.

2. Documentation faults

The visibility, accuracy, and detailed documentation are pivotal for custom clearance for completion at a faster phase. The errors or critical information missing from bills of lading, invoices, and certificates can result in delays and penalties. So, Mandli BPM, a customs broking outsourcing provider, knows the precise documentation required to meet the compliances from country to country. They can help you streamline the customs process and ensure your goods are delivered to the end destination on time without any hassles.

3. Tariff Classification

Determining and understanding the appropriate tariff classification for shipments is crucial for calculating duties and taxes. Misclassification of products can lead to potential fines and may result in overpayment.

4. Goods Valuation

The customs authorities require the precise valuation of the goods imported for taxation. Identifying the accurate value can sometimes be complex to manage, especially when goods are heavily bundled. So, valuation accuracy is critical.

5. Language barriers

Different countries have different accents and languages. When a person speaks effectively according to their tone and way, the clearance processes are executed smoothly. Otherwise, it can be challenging for faster clearance. 

How CAN FREIGHT FORWARDERS overcome customer clearance challenges?

Experienced freight forwarders like Mandli BPM are well-versed in addressing custom clearance challenges. Here is how we offer valuable solutions for you.

1. Knowledge and skill in executing regulatory compliance of each country

Freight forwarders have adequate knowledge and understanding of how international customs regulations take place. They stay updated on the changes in customs laws with in-depth knowledge and details of every country’s requirements. The freight forwarder’s expertise ensures that the goods comply with appropriate customs policies and regulations, mitigating the risk of fines and shipment delays. 

2. Documentation Management

Freight forwarders take responsibility for initiating the document preparation and managing them. Besides, they ensure that the documents are precise with fully-filled information and submitted to certain authorities on time. This process not only saves time but reduces the chances of any faults in the documents and makes sure there are no clearance delays.   

3. Tariff classification assistance

Freight forwarders are aware of accurately classifying the type of goods according to the harmonized system codes. The HS code functions to ensure that accurate duties and taxes are applied. The freight forwarders will be owing complete access to databases and resources that can assist in identifying the appropriate classifications for several products. 

4. Expertise in valuation 

Calculating the value of the good for customs purposes can be a complex task. Freight forwarders like Mandli BPM, with relevant experience in customs broking services, can assist businesses in identifying the appropriate valuation method that prevents overpayment and disputes from customs authorities.

5. Cross-cultural communication

Freight forwarders often form a partnership or employ particular personnel who is fluent in local languages and has experience in customs practices. Hence, the language barriers are solved, and the cultural expertise enables smooth interactions.  

Real-World Examples

To demonstrate how freight forwarders overcome customer clearance challenges, let us consider a few real-world circumstances:

Case study 1: Regulatory compliance

A small-scale e-commerce business in the US wants to develop its market in the EU. They are not aware of the multifaceted customs regulations in the European Union. Hence, they take the help of a renowned freight forwarder knowledgeable in EU customs policies and procedures.

The freight forwarder helps the e-commerce business by following guidelines and steps to ensure they provide precise documentation with economic operation registration and identification numbers. These documents prevent the goods from being held up at the European Union customs border and ensure faster clearance. The e-commerce business successfully arrives at the European market without any complications in compliance.  

Case Study 2: Valuation Expertise

A Chinese manufacturer exporting specialized machinery to the US. The customs value of the machinery involves royalties and licensing payments that complicate the valuation process. Inaccuracy in valuation could result in overpaid duties and taxes.

This manufacturer partners with an experienced freight forwarder managing complex valuations. The forwarder aids in identifying the correct valuation approach taking all the relevant factors into account. By precisely valuing the machinery, the manufacturer evades overpaying taxes and without any hassle, clears customs and avoids delays. 


Custom clearance challenges are a reality of global trade. Freight forwarders bring their experience, skills, knowledge, and resources to overcome these challenges. By collaborating with a reliable customs brokerage support service provider like Mandli BPM, businesses can smoothen their custom clearance processes, mitigate risk, and ensure streamlined movement of shipments across international borders. Whether it is complex custom policies and regulation, documentation faults, or valuation problems, an experienced freight forwarder play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of international trade. 






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